Magical World Journals are all about imagination!

Unique (and very cool!) journals with 3D covers that inspire kids to use their creativity and imagination. Great for creating epic stories, crazy drawings, beautiful poems and secret diaries!

Too much of modern life is spent in front of TVs and computers, especially when it comes to children. So a Magical World Journal is like a breath of fresh air – lighting up childrens’ creativity and giving kids a space where they can do something cool away from the risks of the online world.

The 3D covers are really unique and great to touch and hold; the books are heavy which hints at the quality – and they don’t disappoint with the beautiful illustrations inside.

We love these mischievous, fun and strange books (and secretly we feel great our kids are developing their writing while they have fun!). We hope you love them too!

Vicki & Dave

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What people say...

  • Something completely different...I have just bought your Unicorn journal. My daughter was absolutely thrilled with it and immediately disappeared for the afternoon whilst she filled up some of its pages!
    Jo, Peterborough
  • Good old fashioned fun… The ‘TreeMan’ arrived for my son’s birthday – he immediately set to work and drew some fantastic pictures and proudly showed them to all the family at his party. The book will be a lovely keepsake for him!
    Rachel , Wokingham
  • All my friends want one! I got the Vampire Journal for my birthday and my friends were very jealous – they all want one.
  • Magical Moments It’s not often my dyslexic son writes anything without a lot of ‘encouragment’ - but he did when he got his journal - it is a pleasure to see.